sponsoring & product placement

When connecting sponsors to audiovisual productions usually the central question posed to both filmmaker as sponsor is:
– what is the value per second of brand exposure?

According to El Comandante  the correct central question to both filmmaker as sponsor should be:
– what do you want to tell?

Effective sponsoring / product placement combines concepts. It should result in a two way intensifiying of communication.

Although this makes every case of sponsoring / product placement a unique case, El Comandante keeps track of the realization of this intesnifing of communicaiton for both parties thanks to a specialized 10-point control system that takes in consideration both parties objectives and oportunities.

El Comandante creates soultions for multinationals, starting filmmakers,  medium or small businesses and high end productions,
As mentiond before this always consists of 100% tailore made cases.

To learn what our sponsoring and product placement solutions could mean for you, please contact El Comandante.